Virtual Reality 3D Glasses


The product is a 3D glasses combining watching movies and playing games, which can turn the mobile phone into a movie theater / 3D game. The product does not need to be charged. Put the mobile phone in VR glasses, download 3D video, orange VR and other mobile phone players to watch 3D movies online or cached for free. 
Independent lens adjustment, adjustable button for distance from the pupil, adjustment of the distance of the object, myopic people available 
It can be used with the handle to discover the immersive 3D world panoramic 
Removable sponge eye mask, soft and comfortable to wear, natural fit , easy to clean. 
Light body, the appearance is not only simple atmosphere, but also convenient to carry. 

Color: Black 
Material: PC
Model: VRG PRO 
Main Feature: 
1. With detachable [large screen frame], large and small screen mobile phones are available (maximum support for 7-inch screen mobile phones). 
2. With a 120-degree wide-angle lens, immersion is better. 
Myopia at 3,800 degrees can be seen with the naked eye 
Mobile phone 3.5 ~ 7 inches is compatible 
4. full-screen view, more black box effect when watching movies 

Packing list:
1 X VR glasses 
1 X Glasses cloth 
1 X Manual

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